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Are you looking for the Union Bank of India RTGS/NEFT Form PDF? If so, then you are in the right place as here I will be sharing the UBI RTGS And NEFT Form PDF, As well as a guide on how to fill the form with the required documents. 

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Union Bank of India RTGS/NEFT Form PDF:

The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) maintains the RTGS payment system, so it is a safe and reliable way to send and receive money at any time in the country. 

As a matter of fact, RTGS is one of the fastest ways to send money internationally. An RTGS transfer takes much less time to complete than an NEFT transfer. 

Moreover, The charges for RTGS are very reasonable and range from Rs.25 to Rs.55.

Details/Documents of the Applicant in the UBI RTGS/NEFT Form:

  • Amount to be remitted.
  • Name of the beneficiary.
  • Remitter bank account details.
  • Contact details of the beneficiary.
  • Bank account number of the beneficiary.
  • Bank name and IFSC code of the beneficiary.

How to apply for Union Bank of India RTGS/NEFT:

You can apply through both online and offline modes.

Union Bank of India RTGS/NEFT Form – Online Procedure:

  1. Go to the Union Bank of India website.
  2. Click on the RTGS and NEFT tab.
  3. Download the form read all the instructions carefully, and then fill in the form accordingly.
  4. Submit the RTGS or NEFT request form to your Union bank branch.

Union Bank of India RTGS/NEFT Form – Offline Procedure:

  • Download a copy of the RTGS and NEFT form or collect it from the UBI branch.
  • Read all the instructions carefully and then fill in the form accordingly.
  • Submit the completed RTGS and NEFT form to your local UBI branch.
  • After verification, if found to be correct, it will be processed. If not, then you have to submit an altered RTGS and NEFT request form again.

UBI RTGS and NEFT Form PDF Download:

You can download the form from the given link below. Simply click on the given link, and you’ll be redirected to the next page, where you can download the file. Clicking that will save it to your computer.

Click here to download.

Union Bank of India Customer Care Helpline Numbers:

  • All-India Toll-Free number: 1800 22 22 44 / 1800 208 2244
  • Charged Numbers: 080-61817110
  • Dedicated number for NRI: +918061817110


Is there any mandatory document required for RTGS or NEFT?

No document is mandatory for RTGS or NEFT except the bank account number of the beneficiary and remitter.

How will I know if my payment was successful?

Once the request is successful, the beneficiary bank will send an electronic notification to you by sending an email or SMS.

What is the difference between RTGS and NEFT?

RTGS and NEFT are two different money transfer services provided by Indian banks to their customers.


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