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If you are preparing for the SSC CGL Exam, then the articles on this blog will prove to be immensely helpful for you. Here, one can find a complete list of SSC Previous Year Question Papers with Solutions

This article is aimed at the students who want to attain good knowledge and the different types of question papers and solutions provided by the SSC CGL. 

Many of you may be aware that the SSC CGL Exam is a tough exam, and the difficulty level can be gauged from the fact that most of the candidates who appear in this exam don’t even clear it. For such people, last year’s question papers can prove very useful. 

These are the sample of previous year’s question papers with solutions that can prove to be of great help while preparing for this exam. These question papers are very much similar to the questions that will be asked in the main paper. 

Just like any other competitive exam, the SSC CGL exam also consists of the main paper and an interview paper.

All the students working towards cracking their respective exams can refer to this article as it will undoubtedly prove to be of immense help to them in their attempts. 

SSC CGL Previous year Paper:

As you know, Previous Year Question Papers are crucial in government and other exams, and this gives a clear idea about the essential questions and the exam patterns. 

Many government job applicants made good marks in their written exams by preparing last year’s model question papers. 

So Practicing with the previous year’s question papers will help boost your score in the SSC CGL exam. You can get a lot of information from previous year’s question papers, such as the type of questions asked, the pattern of the examination, and how difficult they are. 

Furthermore, you should be aware that SSC CGL repeats a few questions in the exam that they have asked in the previous one.

So In order to prepare efficiently for the SSC CGL exam, you must practice the SSC CGL question papers. 

In addition to helping students identify the frequently asked topics in the examination, previous year’s SSC CGL question papers can also help students determine the level of questions.

SSC CGL Previous Year Question Paper PDF Download:

In order to benefit from the previous paper and to make sure that you are fully prepared for the upcoming exam, it is advisable to download it on your computer. You will be able to practice with this question paper and answer sample questions.

This PDF File has solved all the previous year’s question papers. One can download it from the official website of SSC, but it is a very lengthy procedure to download. So the best solution is to download it from our website by following the links below.


What is the Previous Year Question Paper?

Previous Year Question Papers are the questions that were asked in the previous year’s examination, and they help you get a good idea of the questions and the pattern of examination. It will also help you to decide which topics need attention.

How to download Previous Year Question Paper?

You can easily download these question papers from our website by following the link given to find all previous year’s question papers in pdf format.

How to answer the Previous Year Question Paper?

Answer each question in the same pattern as the previous year’s question paper. Then compare your answer with the given answers. If your answers match, then you will surely pass this examination, and if not, then revise your preparation for that topic and practice more on it. 

Make sure that you read every question properly so that you are able to answer it correctly.

What should be the time limit to answer the Previous Year Question Paper?

It will take you between 3 to 5 hours to analyze and solve all questions given in the previous year’s question paper. As a general rule, you will get 1.5 hours to solve each set of questions. 

Do all topics appear in each Previous Year Question Paper?

No, it is not so! The number and order of questions and the number of papers vary from year to year. Read the previous year’s question paper carefully and also consider the trend you can see in the previous year’s question papers to derive a better idea of how questions are asked.

What do I do if I don’t understand questions?

Reread them, understand their concepts, and then try to solve them yourself or find the answers online. If you still don’t understand, move on to the next question.

How can I practice?

You can practice by solving a few papers of questions so that you can keep in your mind how they are asked. You can also download previous year’s question papers from our site and practice with that.


In conclusion, we would like to thank you for reading this article on SSC CGL Previous Year Question Papers With Solutions. All the questions and answers provided in the above article are correct and can be relied upon.

We will keep updating this blog with the latest content and question papers of SSC CGL. If you have any queries, you can comment in the comment section or contact us. We will try our best to solve your question.

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