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ICICI Bank RTGS and NEFT Form is an online document for completing an NEFT or RTGS transaction, which can be used to transfer money from one bank account to another bank account.

ICICI Bank RTGS allows individuals to transfer funds over two lakhs from an ICICI Bank account. ICICI Bank also uses its NEFT form to transfer a small amount of money from an account under two lakhs. You can download a copy of the form from the given link below.


ICICI Bank is a large financial services provider and authorizes its customers to transfer funds using the NEFT & RTGS form. It has a simple RTGS and NEFT form that can be downloaded, easily filled out, and submitted. 

As you fill out the form, make sure that you are entering all of the information correctly.

If anything is filled incorrectly, the transfer will be halted, or funds will be transferred to anyone else’s account. You will have to complete the form in its entirety, or it will be rejected.

Note: Before you begin filling out your NEFT or RTGS form, make sure you have a pen ready to complete the form.

How to Fill ICICI Bank RTGS/NEFT Form:

There are several sections on the ICICI Bank NEFT form that need to be completed in order to be used in the bank. The form also needs a signature proof of either a thumb impression or an ABA authentication (Authenticate by Authentication).

Provide general information such as the name of the branch and the date. Fill in the amount to be transferred, the account number of the customer who is to be debited, and the date to be transferred.

Now enter the account information of the beneficiary. This information includes the name, account number, IFSC code, and mobile phone number of the bank.

In the case of a check payment, enter the check number. Sign the form below.

Click here to Download.

ICICI Bank Customer Care Helpline Numbers:

ICICI Bank account holders can dial the following customer care helpline numbers for assistance regarding their account, branch, ATM card, or fund transfer-

  • Personal Banking – 1860 120 7777
  • Wealth / Private Banking – 1800 103 8181
  • Corporate / Business/ Retail Institutional Banking – 1860 120 6699


What is the NEFT & RTGS form?

The NEFT & RTGS forms are fund transfer forms that are used when transferring money from one account to another. They are essential for any fund transfer and eliminate the need for an individual to be at their bank to make the transaction.

Where can I access ICICI Bank’s NEFT & RTGS funds transfer form?

Any ICICI Bank account holder can access ICICI Bank’s NEFT & RTGS form from the bank branch and from the given download link.

How do I fill out the ICICI Bank NEFT & RTGS form?

Simply click on the link below and download and fill out the form as per the required details.

How much money can be transferred with ICICI Bank’s NEFT & RTGS form?

The maximum funds that can be transferred with the RTGS form are over Rs. 2 Lakhs, and with the NEFT is under 2lakh.

Why is there a cutoff time for fund transfers with ICICI Bank’s NEFT & RTGS forms?

This is due to the bank’s internal regulations and the need to keep track of large funds transfers. The cutoff time varies but is typically 4:30 pm.


ICICI Bank NEFT and RTGS forms can be used to transfer money between bank accounts. The details on the form need to be filled out completely for the transfer to go through successfully. I hope the post was helpful for you.

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